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Squeeze the Toothpaste (just a little)

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Dear Michael: I am writing to you because I want to get some therapy, but I’m afraid to. I am a middle-aged lesbian with a great girlfriend who loves me and tells me so on a regular basis. I have a job I like (most…


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Last week I was talking with a close friend. As usual, we covered a wide range of subjects. He brought up the subject of Friendship and suggested I write a column about it, telling me:”Friendship is severely underrated, especially among men”. A client of mine told…

Empowerment, Resiliency and Collaboration

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Well, it’s March now, not even two months into the Trump administration, and I still hear comments like this from my clients: “I have stopped reading the news: I don’t want to know the latest awfulness to come out of Trump’s mouth.” “I dread hearing…

Considering becoming a parent? Read this:

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Two of my friends – a lesbian couple – recently had a child. Another friend of mine – a bisexual woman – adopted a teenager last year. Currently, my clients include: 2 gay dads with 2 kids (one adopted, one via a surrogate), a gay…

The Joys of Self Love

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I have clients who tell me that it’s painful for them to walk down University Avenue in Hillcrest and see all those happy couples. “It makes me feel so lonely and unwanted,” they say. When you’re single, and people around you “appear”—and I use that…

The 7 Kinds of Love (Plus One More)

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Lots of people talk about love, sing about love and write about love, but haven’t you ever wondered: what exactly is “love” anyway? I recently went to a workshop where many different aspects of love were addressed and we, the participants, were encouraged to examine…

Total Twink Fixation

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Dear Michael: I have this incredible crush on a guy from my gym. He is one of the most gorgeous guys in town. I am 45, but I have this schoolgirl crush.  You know why?  Because he walked by and said “Hi” to me.   I could never…

The Three Year Itch

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in lgbt

“I’m so bored with him.” “The excitement’s gone”. “She’s so predictable; I know exactly what she’ll do.” Sound familiar?  These statements are typical of how some of my clients describe their long-term relationships.  Those of you who have never had one, pay attention: you may be able…

Your own worst enemy

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Are you a jealous person? What makes you jealous? Jealousy is a form of self-sabotage. It rarely helps you get what you want. Jealousy usually is a sign that something is “off” in you. Not necessarily in others; but in you. Sure, you may have…

Love, friendship and Soul Mates

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Have you heard people talk about their “soul mate”? This perfectly-designed person is your ideal match. God sent them just for you. There is no other person on earth who would be such a good match. Do you believe this? Because, if you do, recent…