June 2015


Fat? Old? Ugly?

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in lgbt

I was inspired to write this column after seeing an ad in an LGBT Periodical (not from San Diego). The above three words were the large font headline. Nice, huh? So helpful and encouraging. It was an ad for plastic surgery: playing on our worst fears and...

Beneath Anger, There Is Always Sadness

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in lgbt

In 1995, when I was a Middle School Counselor in San Francisco, I was asked to facilitate an “Anger Management Group” for the most out-of-control boys in the school. Most of the boys in this group were in trouble with the law: they stole cars,...

My mom died, how’s your day going?

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in Columns

https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=66&v=lJJT00wqlOo This song - and the accompanying video - is so beautiful. Sufjan Stevens (a favorite of mine) writes/sings his feelings about his mother’s life and death. Here's a great summary of his album, "Carrie & Lowell": "The singer-songwriter stripped his sound down to its bare essentials and...