July 2015


Parenting Yourself

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in Columns

Almost everyone I know complains about their parents – clients, friends and relatives alike. Our parents never got it right, did they? They always screwed up in tons of creative, hurtful ways. But what can we do about it? We can learn to parent ourselves….

Let’s Take Back “Slut”

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in lgbt

I was recently at a party where a really beautiful guy walked by a group of gay men. One of the guys in the group said, “He’s really hot” and another guy in the group said, “Yeah, but he’s such a slut.” This comment has…

Internalized Homophobia: Do I Sound Gay?

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in lgbt

I just saw the movie, “Do I sound gay?” Wow, it sure gave me a lot to think about. The director/star goes through the movie, hating the sound of his voice, trying to make it sound “less gay”. He even sees a Hollywood voice coach…

Body Fascism

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in lgbt

Many men and women I work with are afraid not to be thin, muscular or both. You too? How did we become so critical of our bodies? Years’ ago, body image was much more relaxed. Look at videos from the 70’s and 80’s: we didn’t…