March 2017


Squeeze the Toothpaste (just a little)

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in lgbt

Dear Michael: I am writing to you because I want to get some therapy, but I’m afraid to. I am a middle-aged lesbian with a great girlfriend who loves me and tells me so on a regular basis. I have a job I like (most of...

How to Live

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in Columns

The title of this column kept tapping me on the shoulder. For three days, I tried resisting, but, my intuition prevailed; so here we are. Obviously, there is no one way to live. We each do it differently. We are supposed to. We are here to...

My Peace Does Not Lie in The World

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in Columns

How do you find peace of mind? With so many difficult people and situations in our lives, how do we not just lose it over-and-over again? After pursuing peace through many means over the past several decades, I have learned some things that have become practical...