October 2017


Talking with the Enemy

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in Columns

I was hiking with a friend at Torrey Pines and we stopped to take in the view. A fellow hiker stopped near us and a pleasant conversation began. It was going smoothly until this person said how right Trump was to get rid of Obamacare....

“It’s Just One Big, Ambiguous Mess”    

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in lgbt

My book “The Gay Man’s Guide to Open and Monogamous Marriage” came out in June. Ever since, I have been getting new clients whose relationships are similar to the couples I talk about in the book: “if you write about it, they will come”. I’m glad,...

Body Shame? You’re Not Alone

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in lgbt

My queer clients have it; my straight male clients have it; my older (and you’d hope wiser) clients have it. Even I have it. A good friend of mine wants to start yoga, but, told me, “I went to the class and everyone was so skinny. I...