June 2018


Pride 2018: “A moment of great urgency”

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in lgbt

Recently, speaking here in Southern California, former President Obama said, "This is a moment of great urgency. You are right to be concerned. The progress we have made is not a given." These are scary times. As a psychotherapist, I keep waiting for the anxiety to...

How to be Alone

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I have lived alone many times, in many places, e.g.; Dayton, Ohio; Louisville, Kentucky; Paris, London, New York City and San Francisco. I have also lived with many other people (not simultaneously) in places like New Haven, Connecticut; Panorama City, California; Yonkers, New York; Bath;...

An Intimacy Tune-Up

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People use the term “intimacy” very loosely, but, what exactly is it? The meaning of intimacy varies from relationship to relationship. To me, it has to do with feeling a connection with another person. It requires empathy: the ability to stand in another person’s shoes. Intimacy is...