October 2019


Are You Ready for Marriage?

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in Columns

Choosing a partner is one of most important decisions any of us will ever make. It determines the harmony – or lack of it – that we will experience in every area of our lives. Unfortunately, the statistics (based on predominantly heterosexual marriages) do not…

What is Community?

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in lgbt

When Gay San Diego was for sale, I wondered “What will happen to the Gay San Diego community if the paper goes under?” Luckily, Terry Sidie bought the paper and it has been renamed/revitalized/ relaunched. It’s hard to keep a paper going in these online/social media-saturated…

Love, Sex and Grindr

Posted by Michael Dale Kimmel in lgbt

This column originated in questions that I’ve gotten from my clients, such as: Is it true that too much Grindr or Scruff sex makes you numb? Does Grindr encourage sex addiction? My friend met his husband on Grindr: why can’t I? Has Scruff replaced dating…