When Things Fall Apart

Maybe bad news does come in threes. Recently a friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer, another friend had an emergency C-section and the [...]

Why I’m an Optimist

You might think with so much ugliness, cruelty and fear in the world, that optimism would be foolish or naïve. Nope. The ugliness has always [...]

Dating with the Buddha

photo courtesy of How can you bring spirituality and humor to dating? Or, as one writer so aptly put it: What if [...]

Bringing back romance

Plenty of people have focused on bringing “sexy” back. But, perhaps it’s time to dig a little deeper. What about romance? You know, that desire [...]

Is my child gay?

One of my clients, a divorced businessman, has a 16-year-old son “Evan”. Evan just told his dad that he’s gay. He said it very confidently. [...]

Let’s talk about sex

A big part of mental health is having a healthy sex life, but, for some reason, our sexual selves are often left out of any [...]

I think I’m bisexual…

Dear Michael: I am a happily-married woman with a young child, a great job and loving friends. There’s only one problem, I think I’m bisexual, [...]

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