The Well of Loneliness

  photo by Peter Lindberg for As a young gay boy in small-town Ohio, I read “The Well of Loneliness”, one of [...]

Why I Like Getting Older

photo courtesy of If you believe advertising, getting older is a mistake, a weakness. If you get older and look older, you’ve [...]

What is “Love” Anyway?

I love working with couples: they come to me, wanting to improve their communications, work out problems between them and deepen their love. In couples’ [...]

The Anatomy of an Affair

photo courtesy of How do affairs happen? Typically, in my psychotherapy office, when I work with a couple that is struggling with [...]

Not Out to Your Doctor?

As an openly-gay mental health professional, I have long assumed that most LGBT folks are out to their health providers. Wrong! Recently, I was asked [...]

Burned out at work?

I see a lot of clients who have problems with their jobs. They tell me they feel burned out at work. I define this kind [...]


I was recently at a party where I was asked, “As a therapist, can you tell me why there are so many more bottoms than [...]

No one’s faithful anymore

Dear Michael: I am so disgusted with our community. It seems that nobody is faithful to their partner anymore. I was in a 10-year relationship [...]

How to have a Happy Summer

Summers are supposed to be happy, right? Carefree, easy, laid-back…and, yet, so often, they’re not. This column is about how to make this summer one [...]

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