Loving Your Inner Teenager

There are lots of articles out there in the self-help world about loving your inner child. John Bradshaw made that really big a while back. [...]

Slower is Better

Are you afraid to slow down? Do you think only stupid people go slowly? You’re not alone. Why do we rush so much?  What do we [...]

Is that all there is?

For many of us, a major birthday (30, 40, 50 or 60) brings great hope for change. We expect things will be better.  However, just because [...]

The Best Little Boy in the World

In a recently published study, Drs. John Pachankis and Mark Hatzenbuehler have substantiated what’s called the “Best Little Boy in the World” syndrome (from the [...]

Beyond Prince Charming

photo courtesy of For centuries, we’ve been taught to believe in the “Prince Charming” myth: a hero or heroine who will some [...]

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