The power of humor

photo by Madigan Heck for Perhaps only God Himself/Herself is more important than humor.  Seriously. Psychological research has found that when people list [...]

Why Do I Drink?

It’s popular in psychological/treatment circles to focus on how much (alcohol) we drink, how much is too much, what to do about it, etc. In [...]


Dear Michael: My friends encouraged me to write to you, but I don’t know if you can do much.  They say I have lousy self-esteem.   Maybe [...]

Love or infatuation?

photo by youngjun foo for Remember back in Junior High, when you had a “crush” on some hot guy or girl? How [...]

When a friend dies

photo courtesy of Dear Michael:   We love your column in the San Diego paper. That's why I am writing to you. [...]

The New Middle Age

Susan Sarandon on the cover of "V" Magazine Middle Age. Over the Hill. Past your Prime. Do these phrases inspire you to live [...]

HDRs: High Drama Relationships

You’ve probably heard some people describe their relationships as “high drama”. I Googled “drama” and found some interesting definitions: (1) a crisis, spectacle, thrill, sensation or [...]

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