But I like being Shallow

Dear Michael: I am a really shallow person and I enjoy it.  I like to spend my time focusing on fashion and movies and music and [...]

How to Fix a Saggy Sex Life

Dear Doctor Kimmel: I am in a 20-year relationship that, in general, is really good. The problem is that the sex has virtually disappeared, even [...]

Sex as Sport

There’s talk in the air – particularly among my 20-something LGBT clients – of “sex as sport”.  What does this mean?  From what I hear, it’s about [...]

Fathers and Mothers

As we’re about halfway between Father’s Day and Mother’s Day, it feels timely to write a column addressing how our fathers and mothers affect our [...]


photo courtesy of After the last Folsom Street Fair, a client said that he saw me on a list of “kink-friendly” therapists. [...]

How can I be happy?

photo courtesy of Dear Michael: I know you’ll never print this in your column, because it’s too hard a question (even Dear [...]

How to have Great Sex

Everyone wants to have great sex, but the “ingredients” seem elusive. I’d like to suggest that great sex requires elements of both aggression and tenderness.  Some [...]

A broken heart

photograph by Kevin Tachman Who among us hasn’t has our heart broken, at least once? It’s impossible to get through life without it. [...]

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