Why I Love Cowboys

I love cowboys because they: are steady and sweet, keep their cards close to their chests, only open up when they know you’re trustworthy, are solid and low-key [...]

Why is Everyone So Anxious?

Have you noticed how anxious, worried and edgy most people are lately? Have you experienced these feelings yourself? If so, you can relax: you’re “normal” [...]

Have More Love

It’s a new year. Most of us want some things to change. We’d like more money, a better job, our partner to drop their annoying [...]

Surprise! I was Wrong.

When I wrote the initial proposal for my book, it was called “The Queer Person’s Guide to Love, Monogamy and Open Relationships” and it addressed [...]

This year: Do It Differently

Are you a “Happy Holidays!” or “Bah, Humbug!” person? For many of us, the holidays bring crazy-making expectations. We’re bombarded with media images encouraging us [...]

How to Feel Less Anxious

It’s pretty easy to feel anxious these days, especially with climate change, attacks on LGBTQ rights and a government led by someone as mentally unstable [...]

What is Community?

When Gay San Diego was for sale, I wondered “What will happen to the Gay San Diego community if the paper goes under?” Luckily, Terry Sidie [...]

Love, Sex and Grindr

This column originated in questions that I’ve gotten from my clients, such as: Is it true that too much Grindr or Scruff sex makes you [...]

90 Seconds

I used to hate science in high school. In my class of 68 people (Wellington High School class of 1971), our biology teacher was completely [...]

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