Cry. Laugh. Feel.

Many people tell me that I don’t look my age (66). When they ask me: “What’s your secret?” I can honestly say, “Feeling your feelings [...]

The Best Sleep Ever

Sleep: beautiful, wonderful, drowsy, deep, restful sleep. Don’t we love it? Isn’t it one of the best things in life? Doesn’t it keep us well-rested, [...]

Beyond Pride

This column is the result of a question I’ve been asking myself lately: What is “beyond” pride? Another way to put it is: “What comes [...]

Don’t Suffer

I used to be in a Buddhist study group. One of the main tenets of Buddhism was: Pain is part of life; suffering is optional. [...]

The “Right” Way to Die

I hadn’t planned on writing a column like this. However, I hadn’t planned on my sister dying a slow, drawn-out death either.  A year ago [...]

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