Healthy Anger

I often ask clients: “What do you do with your anger?” Some people are surprised by that: they’ve never really thought about it. Let’s think [...]

Have an Adventure!

Does your life feel too boring and predictable? Maybe you need to have an adventure: if you have a little time and a bit of [...]

The Adam Rippon Effect

image courtesy of Adam Rippon on instagram I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how the media and most of America have embraced openly – [...]

Falling Upward

Photo by Brigitte Lacombe for House & Garden magazine When you left your teenage years and entered your twenties, did you ever feel [...]

The Art of Loving

Some subjects are timeless, like love. Many self-help gurus say stuff like, “You can’t love anyone else if you don’t love yourself.” Sounds good, but, [...]

The Psychology of being Sick

Does this sound familiar? You don’t feel well. Sure enough you’ve got a cold/the flu and your body feels like crap. You’re sick. Your mental [...]

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