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Does Meditation Really Work?

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Dear Michael: Recently a friend told me that I should meditate.  I really don’t know what meditation is.  I am not into religion or spirituality or that stuff, is that what meditation is about?  I am a really hyper, anxious person who worries a lot, and my friend…

The Man Machine

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Sometimes I wonder what to write about in my columns. This week, I didn’t have to wonder for long. Two media images hit me over the head like a hammer: ‘We’ve assembled the hottest guys” claims a gay website with a photo of a beautiful…

Father’s Day Blues?

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Dear Michael: Father’s Day is coming up and I dread it.  I really have no relationship with my father.  When I came out he basically disowned me, and despite many attempts to reconnect with him, he hangs up the phone whenever I call.   I feel so awful…

The Joys of Youth

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Lately, I’ve noticed a strange kind of reverse ageism in the psychology world. Until the past few years, not much was written about the joys of aging. Now, it seems like every magazine has a feature on it, telling – in great detail – how…