Podcast: What Gay Couples Have to Teach Us About Monogamy & Open Relationships | Therapy Ideas

Posted by wpadmin in News 02 Sep 2020

In this podcast, I am interviewed by Rhoda Summers, the host of “What Healthy Couples Know that You Don’t”. In the podcast, Ms. Summers and I discuss a variety of questions, including:

    • • What do you think that straight couples can learn from gay couples? And vice versa?
    • • What are the pros and cons of monogamy? Of an open marriage?
    • • How do you resolve incompatible libidos: one of you wants to have sex once a day – minimum – while the other is happy with once a month?
    • • What is your intention for your marriage?  Is it to have fun, share great sex, deepen an emotional connection, stay together for life?
    • • What would be the purpose of an open marriage?  Of a monogamous marriage?  What are the pros and cons of each?
    • • What does “emotional monogamy” mean to you and your fiance? 
    • • How do you address problems like jealousy and insecurity in an open marriage?
    • • It is true that gay couples typically experience competition and conflict more intensely than opposite-sex or lesbian couples?
    • • How do you use the principles in your book in your work with couples?
    • • Would polyamorous couples find your book helpful too?